What should I wear?

What should you wear when exercising? Well, when it comes to running, the clothing you wear is extremely important. When it comes to this workout gear, the rule you want to follow is "quality over quantity."

Cotton is one of the biggest no-no's because when you sweat, it gets wet and stays wet. 100% cotton can also cause chafing on your skin. This can cause nasty blisters causing delays in your running routine while you try and heal. At the very least, invest in some technical material (dry fit) socks.


Stay away from cotton t-shirts. The idea is to be comfortable while you run and cotton will cause you discomfort. A general rule of thumb to follow when you are dressing for a run is to imagine it is 15-20 degrees warmer than it actual is. You will warm up quickly. For the best comfort, opt for a "tech tshirt" made from synthetic material or merino wool.


When it comes to choosing your shorts for your run during the warmer months, it is important to make the right decision so you can go the distance. Whether you prefer thigh-baring short-shorts for freedom or closer to the knee shorts, the fabric is what makes the major difference here. Go for sport-specific fabrics like sweat-eliminating climalite fabric and find your perfect pair.


When you are exercising your breast can move around 3.5 inches with every step. This is why it is so imperative to invest in a supportive sports bra. It will prevent up to 80% of the upward/downward movement. A regular, normal bra prevents this roughly around 35%. The risk of not wearing a sports bra when training could result in stretching the breast tissue, especially if you have larger breasts. Not wearing the proper sports bra can also result in a sore back, neck and lead to other injuries long term. Protect the girls and get a proper sports bra!

sports bra.jpg


If you are a morning runner or later night runner, it is critical to wear gear that ensures you can be seen! Drivers need to know where you are so that you can be safe. A headlamp works great but at the very least a reflective vest or a blinking red light attached to your clothing should do the trick.

After your run, you will need some fuel. These black bean brownies are such a good post-run snack filled with plenty of protein and fibre.

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