How to set your goals and actually make them happen

Sound familiar?

It’s January 1st, you’re feeling a little foggy after ringing in the New Year with some friends last night. You told yourself last night was your IT before you plan on starting your juice cleanse, you attempt a dry January and hit the gym hard! You sit down with a coffee and start to think about what you want these next 365 days to look like…. But you’ve been here before, year after year in this spot where you contemplate whether this whole “goal setting” is even worth it.. I mean what’s going to feel different this year? Every other year in the past where you set some ambitious goals and make it to about January 24th and then… you fall off… hard.

Then what happens?

You feel disappointed in yourself. You’re discouraged and back to square one. Shit.


Hey, we get it (p.s. “We” is Mallory Chapman and yours truly). In fact, this Anti-Resolution Workshop Series is a result of us venting about how much we HATE how our industry in fitness and wellness makes these ridiculous false promises just to get you in their door.

We know through personal experience that the work that needs to be done to actually slay some goals comes from a place of a clear mindset, the right motivation and setting you up with success by educating you on the “how”. That’s where we come in to support in you getting you what you want, the results YOU deserve.

We also recognize that goal setting seems overwhelming, scary and let’s face it… no one likes to fail. Which in the end leads us to inaction instead of taking action.


Well, let’s end this shitty cycle our industry has cultivated and give you what you really need to achieve these goals. A holistic, real, tangible way to build and sustain the life you really want… Mind. Body. Connection.

We know to dig deep into your goals and really working through the what, why and how to get what you want takes more than just a quick 1-hour workshop. I mean if we could change lives in an hour that would be freaking awesome... but reality is we need the time to really sink our teeth into the nitty-gritty to help you discover what makes you tick and come up with an action plan together, give you time to practice, then send you on your way!


Anti resolution.png

We launch our first workshop series on Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm. To stay in the loop, make sure you are following Mal and Myself on social media! Sales go live on December 3rd, so stay tuned as spots are limited.

Let us help you turn your goal setting—and your ability to actually achieve your goals upside down!

Read on to find out who needs this in their life and what exactly will happen during this powerful little series of pow-wow’s.

Where did the Anti Resolution Workshop Series come from in the first place?  

M: I have been leading workshops and helping women and men with goal setting since 2007. With my experience as an athlete, a counsellor and over a decade of working within the wellness industry let’s just say I am no stranger to goal setting. I’ve both experienced first hand and been trained in A LOT of different methods when it comes to setting goals. I have an idea of works and what doesn’t ;). Lucy and I were sitting down shooting the shit when somehow the conversation flowed to how frustrated we were with the industry’s “false promises”, especially around New Years. So, here we are. Changing the game and changing the way our clients see goal setting, helping them actually achieve the life they want.


L: Setting New Years Resolutions was my jam. Every year I swore I would lose the weight, eat better and be more active. I failed every single time and it became crystal clear I needed to do something different. I did finally lose the 65 lbs, but I can assure you it wasn’t as a result of setting those goals that would kick off on January 1. I am excited to show others there is a different, and much better way to set and achieve the goals that they deserve to get.


So how is it possible that a series of 4 workshops will change a pretty ingrained pattern of “falling off the goal setting wagon”?


M: This 4 part workshop series has been developed to help you set goals from a different place then you are used to. So step one, let’s shift the place you’re setting goals from to set up a solid foundation. Step two, let’s create some awareness and work through the limiting beliefs that have become your daily excuses. Step 3, it’s time to put together a practical action plan and lastly, we create a sustainability plan. As you can see, this is a little more robust than just putting some “what we don’t have’s but wants” on a piece of paper.


L: How is it possible? How is it NOT possible when you have two powerhouse coaches showing you the way. The biggest difference here is that we have been there, we get it and we know first hand what it takes to do it differently!


Awesome, but I can’t make it to all of the workshops is that issue?


M: Each workshop is designed to make an impact on it’s own but will give you the best results if you attend ALL four sessions of the series. We have made it easy that if you’re out of town or can’t make it in person. How? Well, you can sign up for the virtual session that is a live recording of our workshop, that way you won’t have any FOMO. Even if you can’t make it, we record the webinar and can send you a link so you can catch up on what we did. So really, let me just de-myth one thing…”I can’t make it work”… yes you can!


Alright, so who needs to sign up for this four-part workshop series?

M: Listen, if you’re someone who isn’t living the life you really want, then I’m calling on you to join this amazing experience. No more wishing. No more living in the “I can’t” world. No more carrying the feeling of failure on your shoulders every time February rolls around. Whether you’ve been in a rut with your health for too long, you’re stuck in a job you aren’t loving, a relationship and you are READY to make a change then this is a mandatory experience!


L: This workshop is for you if you are ready to make a change and you are sick and tired of jumping from fad diet to fad diet. You are sick of thinking something is wrong with you and you are sick of wondering why you can’t do it. All we ask is that you show up, we will do the rest together.


Ready to do the work and get what you want? Get yourself signed up now!


The Anti Resolution Workshop Series kicks off on Wednesday, January 16th from 6-8 pm.   


Mal and Lucy