1 thing to do in the New Year

Here is 1 thing that you need to do in the New Year. Instead of writing down a long list of goals and feeling the pressure to accomplish everything, make this 1 thing your priority for the New Year and watch as everything else falls into place!

"What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?"

Dunnebells - Self love.jpg

Self love comes in all different shapes and sizes. Some ideas of things you could do:

- Book that massage you have been wanting for so long.

- Take yourself out for coffee and colour.

- Go see the movie and get the large popcorn.

- Spa day. Enough said.

Build the relationship with yourself FIRST and fall in love all over again. Allow some white space to work on things. Forgive yourself easily and speak kindly with the thoughts that race through your mind. Do your soul a favour and give it a break. Nurture it. More love will come to you and doors will open that you could never have imagined possible. Here is to your year.

Stay strong. Be the fire.

Dunnebells xo

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