Pause for a cause - REMEMBRANCE DAY edition

What do you get when you combine personal training, yoga and food? Two hours of pure joy.

"That was SO hard but So good"

"I had so much fun this weekend, you have created an incredible community of people around you. Thank you for a physically, spiritually and emotionally energizing evening!"

"I just wanted to thank you and Avalon and Kelsey SO much for the amazing day yesterday !!! Everything from the workout to the yoga/meditation to the food was amazing ! I'm looking forward to the next one in December!"

Our last event held at Work Nicer was such a success so we returned for activities focused on building community. The community building mindset is something that the team at Work Nicer practices daily and when you walk through the doors to find this hidden gem you instantly feel like part of a tribe. This event could NOT have been possible without the generosity of the team at Work Nicer. Alex, the man behind Work Nicer, is a dear friend and mentor and I am often left stumbling over my words trying to express just how lucky I feel to know such a perfect human. Okay, I won't say “perfect” because we all know perfect doesn't exist – but he comes pretty damn close!

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This event was very special and we were sure that on Remembrance Day we did justice to all those who served. We had open, vulnerable discussions and moments of silence to remember them. We all have someone that has in one way or another been impacted by war and we wanted to take this time to bring our souls together and discuss what that feels like. An instructed walking meditation to the table where all guests were "served" marked the ending of the workout and yoga portion of this event. 

dunnebells pause for a cause yoga

As everyone sat around the communal table, Marin McCue was generous enough to talk to all guests about her incredible new book "Be the change". Marin provides the support and leads by example as she paves the way for you to re-frame your life's story to become a source of power and growth. "We all have a story, and when we retrain our brain to align with our core - rather than who we have been habituated, programmed or traumatized into being - we get to create a unique impact that is your privilege and birthright." Learn more about the wonderful Marin and her book here.

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Our events are free to attend, but cash donations are welcome so that we can give back and raise money for our chosen non-profit, Pawsitive Match.

If you’re interested in learning more about these events,  head on over to @boldyouevents on Instagram where we will be updating the community on future events. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Tickets here for the December 17th, 2017 event. (Holiday edition).

Thank you to our generous partners who offered items for the raffle.

- Wild Rose Organizing, Live Radically, Avalon Nirvanna and Marin McCue.

Stay Strong. Be the fire.