Practicing 3 healthy habits before 8am. What are yours?

Lately, I have been practicing 3 healthy habits before 8 am and the changes I have experienced have been impressive! If your schedule means you sleep past 8 am, read this article and adjust to your routine. I encourage you all to take a proactive approach vs. a reactive approach when it comes to your health and fitness. Some habits that I have adopted in the past few years include: 

- Few moments of gratitude while still in bed.

- Yoga/stretching/meditating.

- Weight training workout.

- Skipping breakfast to extend fasting hours.

- No technology until morning routine is complete.

- Turmeric tea detox:

Turmeric tea.jpg

While I continue to do a variation of some of the above items, the 3 healthy habits that I have most RECENTLY been sticking to have been a game changer. So, what are they?

- Morning run. Okay, I HATE cardio and HATE running but I am going to have to eat humble pie here and state for the record that my whole day is better after I have completed that morning run. Taking part in the 100for100 movement has challenged me to do things I would not normally do. I am grateful for this opportunity. 

- Shakes. For so long, I looked at those people who were drinking their breakfast and just didn't understand it. I eat A LOT of food and love the physical act of chewing. I did believe that just like soup doesn't fill me up for lunch, a shake would not fill me up for breakfast. I was wrong. I am able to add a ton of vegetables into my morning mix now and the ease of quickly blending up my breakfast as I am running out the door has been fantastic! 

- Podcasts. Switching up my morning gangsta rap for some inspirational, educational material is keeping me sharp. Don't get me wrong, gangsta rap is still happening but not first thing in the morning. Listening to someone who you are inspired by sets the tone for the day and I highly recommend taking a moment to download a few podcast episodes and give them a try. A few of my favourite casts include: She did it her way, The lucky bitch podcast, Ideas and stuff and Marketing in Yoga Pants.

Recently I had the pleasure to be a guest on the Ideas & Stuff podcast with Michael!

Recently I had the pleasure to be a guest on the Ideas & Stuff podcast with Michael!

After speaking to some of my clients, it has become clear that so many adults are skipping breakfast, the most important meal of the day! Although skipping breakfast has been in the news lately raising questions over whether it is healthy, dissecting the study indicates it was largely unhealthy. In addition to that, an even more recent scientific study supports just 2 meals a day as a plan for most.

I want to hear from you! Do you get in 2 health habits by 8 am on most days? Or 3, 4 or even 5? My challenge to you is to start each day with this goal in mind. You might just set the intention for the rest of your day as one loaded with healthy pursuits. Give it time and notice the difference. What are your favorite morning rituals that you do for your health? The seeds you plant now will bloom fully in the months and years ahead.

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Stay strong. Be the fire.

Lucy Dunne