Want to be lean and mean?

Are you wanting to be a lean, mean fighting machine? Want to swap your fat for muscle? I don't blame you! There is something so nice about building lean muscle that changes how you feel when you do ANYTHING in life. From trying on clothes to seeing your shadow on the ground get ready for the feeling of being LEAN!

Below are a few lifestyle tips I HAD to share with you that will assist you if you are trying to lean out.

1 - BEAUTY SLEEP: You should be trying to sleep for 7.5-9 hours each nice. This will ensure your body has optimal time to recover and all the hormones stay in check!

2 - WORK WORK WORK: If you use the excuse "I sit at a desk all day" this one is for you! Ask for a stand up desk and combine that with a few regular walks in the day and put your body into calorie burning mode outside of the gym. Want to take a guess at which muscle group we switch off the most if found slumping or sitting down all day? You got it. Glutes. The largest and arguable most important muscle in our body! 

3. EAT: - Often: You may have heard this before but it is so true that eating smaller meals more often will boost your metabolism. Eat the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. Be the RAINBOW!! The more colourful you make your plate with fruit and veggies, the faster you will see results.

4. H20: - Drink. Water. Now. Our body is basically  made of water,  so it is no question as to why we need so much of the good stuff to function! Drinking water regularly through your day will boost your metabolic rate. It will also make your hair nicer and your skin better but those are just added bonuses! Just drink water k?

5. Lift: Ensure you have a handful of strength training, full body weight exercises scheduled into your workout routines. It is your lean muscle mass that will yield the best results when trying to burn fat. Make a circuit and work through it quickly, hardly resting to raise your heart rate. Lift heavy and perform supersets where possible and watch the lean gains come! A little scared to start lifting weights? Read this article I recently wrote where I speak about overcoming the fear of becoming bulky and what to do when you don't know what to do...

Working out in the evening like I do can be really hard. You are mentally and physically exhausted from a stressful day, I get it. I recommend on your way to the gym, smash down a cup of this amazing pre-vis and you will find you have the energy and endurance to make your time spent in the gym worth it ! Don't workout tired. You will simply be frustrated with your performance. 

Stay strong. Be the fire.