Next Level Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a next level holiday, what do I mean by this? As an Aussie, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving (I know, unfair)! Since being in Canada, I am making up for all the years I deprived myself of this wonderful holiday. To me, Thanksgiving is about enjoying time with the people in our lives we are thankful for. It is like Christmas but without all the pressure of presents, decorations and those crazy extended family members that all make the trip to celebrate the birth of Jesus *eyes shockingly wide open face*.

What Thanksgiving can also mean though is a break in the regular fitness routine you are currently on and it usually involves meals that are not exactly heart-healthy! I wrote an article recently which contains 6 steps for a healthier long weekend. This article paired with the one you reading now will have you knocking it out of the park!

Here are a few ideas I suggest to keep everything in check over the Thanksgiving weekend. The most important thing however is to enjoy yourself. No need to get hung up on the little things. Let go a little, relax and unwind and take some time to reflect on how far you have come! I recommend starting your morning with a healthy breakfast too which will help set you up for success. Want pancakes? Try this recipe. Feeling oats? You are welcome.

TIP #1

Healthy subs

No, I am not asking you to substitute a hamburger bun with a lettuce leaf, we all know the difference, sorry lettuce! These substitute however, will make the dishes better for you and they won't totally change the taste!


Butter for equal parts cinnamon-flavoured, no sugar added applesauce

Sugar for low calorie sugar substitute

Whole cream for low fat or skim milk

White flour for half white and half whole-wheat

Chocolate chips or candies for dried fruit like cranberries

Sugar or butter for vanilla, almond or peppermint extracts for flavouring

Butter for coconut oil to add to mashed potatoes

TIP #2


Okay you have just NAILED your substitutes and now you are ready to prepare yourself a balanced plate with all your favourite foods. Start with putting the salad and vegetables on your plate first. This will ensure your body gets the nutriennts it needs. It will also help you feel full so you aren't racing back for thirds and fourths (seconds is acceptable). 

TIP #3


This one is simple, no excuses! You have consumed extra calories no doubt, so instead of feeling guilty and being hard on yourself, simply burn some of them off! Get out of the house and go for a walk after each meal. Go play catch with some kids, if you don't have kids I can guarantee someone in the street does. It isn't creepy. Take 30-40 minutes and hit the gym hard and release endorphins, your body will thank you and you will feel SO much better! You can try one of my favourite workouts here if you really want to crush it! 



Thanksgiving can be a stressful time of year. Even though you don't have the hype to deliver on that Christmas carries with it, you still can have a lot of activities that keep you busy and can increase your stress levels. Some simple ideas to reduce your stress levels:

- Plan, plan plan. Plan ahead of time and block your time so you know what is next.

- Focus on ONE thing at a time. Complete the task and move on.

- Ensure you take some time to relax and unwind.

TIP #5


I know you are all gorgeous! Still, you need beauty sleep. Six to eight hours of sleep per night is recommended. Pack your days with activities and events but try and get into bed early and set yourself up for a restful night. Spend some time winding down before getting into bed and when you wake up, no rushing or stressing. Wake slowly and calmly and refer to your plans that you have written down to know what you are going to start your day with!

There you have it! Sounds simple right? That is because it actually is! Nothing here is anything that isn't possible for you to do. I would love to hear what you all have planned for Thanksgiving, leave me a comment below! 

Stay strong. Be the fire.

AND EAT THE TURKEY - gobble, gobble!