Eat, Slay, Lift.

Eat, Slay, Lift and repeat! This can sound a little intimidating. I get it. However with the correct nutrition and a great lifting workout plan you can achieve the results you desire!

Here are some reasons why I personally LOVE to lift.  


For those of you who have been to a gym before, you probably know exactly what I am talking about. There is just something about a girl who lifts that walks into the weight section of the gym that screams confidence. I have talked about this before and I am begging you to get off the treadmill and get yourself lifting some weights! Plus, imagine being able to carry all those grocery bags in one trip! If that isn't enough motivation for you, keep reading.


Simple facts here. Lifting heavy weights will have you in fat burning mode all day long. If you think that sweating and exhausting yourself on the treadmill for those 200-400 calories is the best way you can workout, think again. The second you hit the stop button, you are stopping the exercise and you are also stopping the burning of any calories. Lifting weights on the other hand, will put your body into fat burning mode well after your workout is done. 


The beauty of lifting weights is that you will have control on what you want your body to look like! You are in the drivers seat for this one. Are you wanting stronger arms? Lift heavy weights! Have glute envy of others? Squat heavier weight. Lifting gives you the ability to control and shape your body!

The list could go on as to why I LOVE lifting weights and I am so thankful that I was able to work up the courage to get myself off the treadmill and other cardio machines and into the weights room. An important tip to remember if you are considering making the move to the weights is that you will need to be prepared to ignore anyone who tries to bring you down for doing this. I wrote an article here that will set you up when dealing with these types of people. This can be scary for many reasons and I wanted to identify and dismiss one of the most common fears I consistently hear from females who I talk to that are considering adding weights and lifting into their workouts.


It is almost physically impossible for women to grow mass amounts of muscle making them appear bulky in a short period of time. We are females, we are wired differently than men. For you to get "bulky" you would most likely be pumped with testosterone or taking steroids. Other ways women achieve the bulking look is by eating excessive amounts of calories. The women you fear becoming, train very hard to look the way they do. This will not just accidentally "happen" to you. 

What will happen to you? By eating the correct nutrition and lifting weights, your body will become leaner and more defined. Lift for a few months and you are building muscle endurance. Building muscle endurance and shredding fat will have you looking how you imagine and not what you fear.

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Stay Strong. Be the fire.