Healthy eating for less than $100.00

Healthy eating for less that $100.00?! So often I hear people say they cannot afford to eat healthy, fresh ingredients and so I am hoping that this will provide a different insight into why that is not true. I totally understand that healthy eating can seem expensive when you compare it to fast food and this can discourage some of you when there isn't much left over after rent, car payments, phone bill, credit cards and cable are all paid for. No matter the budget you are on or how many time constraints you are under, fast foods and highly processed foods will NEVER get you the results you want.

After many tried and tested grocery shops, I have put together a sample list showing you exactly what you can buy for a week of clean eating for less than $100.00! 

To ensure this will work for you, firstly you need to set aside some time to cook. You will need to cook all the meat you buy and slice your vegetables to prepare everything for the week. This will prevent any food spoiling and make it easier for you to stay fuelled during your busy lifestyle.

My sample grocery list will see that you only spend about 20 minutes in the store and you guessed right, you will be avoiding those middle aisles which will suck away your money and chances of success. 

Alright, so good job, fast forward and you are standing in the kitchen, broke, with 10 bags of groceries and no idea what to do.

LUCKILY, I have prepared a sample meal plan for you to follow which will provide your body with what it needs at the right time of day. 

I would love to hear how the grocery shop went for you and different ways that you use the ingredients! Comment below to share with me.

Stay Strong. Be The Fire.