To Casein or not to Casein

You may be asking yourself if I should take Casein or not take Casein. I know I asked myself the same question before I purchased my first bucket of ON Tri-Celle Casein. After using this product for approximately 3 months here is my $0.02 on it.

Firstly, if you don't know anything about Casein but now you are interested in taking it, click here to determine which protein you should be using.

I was SO excited that I may have found a solution to feeling super hungry before bed! A late night snack that would almost feed my body while I am sleeping, meaning I could wake up and not feel that "OH MY GOD I COULD EAT A HORSE" feeling. I was even MORE excited when I created a delicious low carb cookie recipe! Life was pretty good and I would look forward all day to cuddling up in bed with my bowl of cookie dough topped with a few baked ones, the best of both worlds!

After about 1 month, I found that I was having a bit of  hard time digesting food how I used to. So, I started adding some flax seed into my dough and that seemed to help things! I still was finding that on weekends when I didn't consume Casein, my stomach felt a bit better and the digestive strain wasn't there (sorry, TMI ? ).

I was stubborn and refused to just drop it and try find a replacement to match the macros the Casein was giving me but after a few more months of a slight bloated feeling every morning and continued digestive troubles, I have decided that MAYBE, just MAYBE it is the Casein that needs to be removed from my diet.

I am pretty sad about it. When you find a rhythm and a plan that is delivering great results when you look in the mirror, you want to just keep going! The way my body is reacting though is obviously an indication that it is time for a break! Maybe I don't need to eliminate Casein protein entirely, maybe I just need to limit my intake. I know some people combine a mixture of Whey (fast digesting) and Casein when they experience the same problems, but for now, I will see how I go without it! (Insert Gloria Gaynor - I will survive)! 

So, if you are considering taking Casein or not, hopefully this article provided you with some insight into my journey with it. My advice would be to try it, everyone has a different body and for some people I am certain they experience NO negative side effects. If you do start to notice any digestive problems however, I recommend cutting back your intake or possibly mixing it half & half with whey! 

Summary of Casein if you don't want to read the above..but you probably should. Just sayin'. 


Slow digesting

Is a rich source of calcium - Strong bones !

Can promote fat loss

Can help suppress your appetite 



More expensive 

Can be hard on the digestive system

Not great post workout 

Have you taken Casein before? Comment below to let me know your experience with it :) ! 

Stay Strong. Be the fire.