SUPERSETS - What are they and how do you do them?

Supersets, you may have heard this term and wondered what they are and how the hell do you do them? I know that is what I thought when I first heard that term. Actually, I thought it just meant doing my "sets" with a cape make them SUPER! Luckily I never brought that one to reality. PHEW. (No judging for all those lifting in capes).

The real definition of a superset is when two exercises are performed in a row without stopping. When you first incorporate supersets into your routine you may find you don't last many reps before feeling burnt out but give it some time and you will wonder what you ever did before! You can also try taking this amazing pre-workout for that extra pump. For those already performing supersets, awesome job! We are the ones burning fat faster and not spending as long in the gym!

Here is one of my favourite workouts full of supersets - It is an intense, compound-exercise shoulder smash and you can follow it up by crushing your chest! Get in the gym and be the fire.


Dumbbell bench press laying down - 4 sets of 8

Dumbbell shoulder press sitting - 4 sets of 8

Rest 60 seconds


Incline dumbbell flies - 3 sets of 10

Front incline dumbbell raise - 3 sets of 10


Incline dumbbell press - 3 sets of 10

Side lat raise - 3 sets of 10

Finish with decline push up - 3 Sets of 10


1 minute forward plank

Side bridge 1 min each

V up - 3 seconds

Ab roller - 20 reps

I would love to know what your favourite superset to crush is, comment below to let me know!

Questions? Just ask :) 

Stay strong. Be the fire.