Support the girls!

Okay, ladies, time to talk sports bras! YAY :) !

I set out on a mission this weekend to buy a new sports bra, a few minutes in the change room and overhearing the struggles that all the women were having, it became clear to me this is no easy task.

I think it is time to start embracing the pure beauty of a nicely fitted sports bra and take advantage of all the beautiful designs we have access to these days! All of that is fine and dandy if you know what size you are, how to tell what sort of support you need and the what sort of style will work with your body. Read on, for I will expose the secrets once and for all on how to choose the right sports bra


When trying on sports bras, there are some key areas where the fit is crucial.  under-bust, upper breast, underarm, and straps. These areas should all be securely supported, however, you should never feel constricted. If you try on the sports bra and find yourself short on breath and clenching your body, something isn't right. 


Really, the #1 reason we wear a sports bra, is so we have support. If it were socially acceptable to let them hang out, bounce around and go on their own adventure, I think we would (some ladies are already practicing this method, good for them) but for the rest of us, that feeling isn't one we are comfortable with. SO, we need to support them. How? Lets start with the under bust area. This area SHOULD be tight and act as a support. Try the "two finger" rule. Slide two fingers under this area, no more and no less to ensure you have a correct fit. Moving on up to the underarm section. We all know about this one ladies. You put the bra on and get these weird little pieces of skin that magically appear and squeeze out the side of the bra making you question all of your life choices. A little bit of this skin is okay, but excessive amounts of skin here will lead to chafing and a very uncomfortable workout. Try a different size to experiment with how to reduce that mystery skin. Finally, the fun part! Dance. Jump. Move. Bend. If you can do all of these things and have the girls stay inside the bra you have found a winner! 


Thick strap, spaghetti strap, racerback or those strap designs that make you wonder how the person got that bra over their  head, are all options for us when we are trying to decide on which sports bra to purchase. Which style do you start with? This will depend on what level of activity you are planning on taking part in. A racer back style will be good for high-intensity training, they generally have lots of support as they compress your girls closer to your body. The sports bras that have an underwire just like a regular bra, can be a great option for the ladies with a bigger bust. Some bras, are specifically designed for very low impact workouts so be sure to only wear those bras when taking a yoga class or going for a walk. 

A sports bra should not only support your girls through your hustle but make sure when choosing a sports bra it is going to reflect your personal style and release your inner beast. 

Stay strong. Be the fire.