Girls that lift

Walking into the gym and seeing the treadmills stacked with bouncing ponytails and the weight section filled with bros wearing tight sweat pants and no tops makes my heart sink slightly. Below, secrets exposed about girls who lift, from a girl that lifts.


It is crazy how many myths are floating around about what will happen if you are a female lifting heavy weights. How "bulky" women who lift  is what confines us girls to countless hours on cardio machines. 

Sure, if you google image "Girls that Lift" you will be hit with a wave of photos looking something like this,


solidifying everything you have heard to date about females in the weight room.

I can't stress enough that those women, have spent countless years, following insanely strict diet and supplement plans, often also incorporating some sort of steroid to achieve the muscle definition you see. This is one reason you shouldn't fear weights, I promise you that you won't wake up one morning looking bulky & masculine. 


Another reason I think us girls are terrified to touch the weights, is, of course, the media. If you look at a lot of female celebrities, talking about getting "leaner" and lifting a pair of baby weights that my 6-month-old nephew could lift you will quickly be persuaded that lifting tiny weights for hours on end is what you should stick to. 


The final fear of lifting that I will talk about today, I think one of the most obvious and highest ranked fears is of course, being gut-wrenchingly terrified to even walk over into that section.

"I made it to the gym and overcame being terrified of that and now you want me to do what?" Ringing any bells?

Many of us have been there, including me. Here are a few contributing factors to the fear and ideas to hopefully help you break out of your comfort zone and launch you into a new found love. 

- You are not afraid of weights. You are afraid of not knowing what you are doing. I suggest watching others. Watching youtube videos. Looking on Social Media. Choose one action to perform, study it and then go try it. You will surprise yourself I am sure of it! 

- Set realistic goals. Instead of thinking you must enter the weight section, squat with 25lbs on each end x 10 reps, bench press 100lb and start pulling crazy deadlifts, draw your goals down to an obtainable level to start. Example. Walk into the weight section. Find a squat rack (click here if you are unsure of what it looks like), put the barbell on my back and do a set of 5 reps. Pat self on back. Leave.

- Join a class. Many gyms these days will offer "learn to lift" sessions which can be a very easy way to learn basic techniques. These techniques will help you when you start to increase your weight, as your form is very important in this.

BOOM! There you have it. Bulletproof article shooting down the myths about women who lift are bulky and some great tips to get you stepping into that weights section and trying it out.

If you have any questions, just ask!

Stay strong. Be the fire.