The SCOOP on Protein

"I am thinking I want to start introducing more protein in my life", is pretty much talking dirty to any trainer, fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder. 

Sometimes it isn't always easy to have this conversation with someone. 

Maybe you don't have anyone in your life who you trust to feed you the right information about this and the second you turn to Google, you are overwhelmed, slam your laptop lid shut and stare into the fridge at the Club Size Pack of chicken breast you purchase which expires tomorrow. 

Luckily, dry chicken breast isn't your only option, look no further to have your questions answered, here is the scoop:


A fast digesting protein which I choose to drink during the day to build and repair my muscles. 

Have you ever opened up a tub of yogurt and seen that liquid sitting on top? Mix that in! That my friends is Whey in its natural state. In its true beauty. Whey protein is a by-product of the cheese-making process, so you could experience symptoms associated with a dairy allergy. 

Some reasons on WHY you should consider whey protein:

- Can help build muscle

- Help stay healthy

- Help you lose fat faster

- Stay full between meals

- Can keep bones strong

So, if you are thinking about adding some Protein to your diet, what are you Wheyting for?


 A slow digesting protein which I recommend consuming before bed. I have a delicious chocolate frosty recipe that I will share in a future post (think childhood chocolate milk and lullabies) which will make you wonder how you ever slept before consuming! #WINNING

The new kid on the block has received a warm welcome as a slow digesting protein, unlike whey which digests quickly. . The reason for this is that it forms a gel in your stomach after drinking. This significantly slows its digestion and allows for a slow release of amino acids into your bloodstream over a period of 5-7 hours.

Here are some reasons I recommend incorporating Casein in your diet:

- Can help build strong bones

- Can help avoid "over training"

- Helps to build muscle

One tip for firs time Casein users, sometimes it can lead to a bloated feeling. Experiment with a few different brands but sometimes I find mixing 75/25 casein & whey helps with this problem!


Dairy not your thing? That is okay. You can't use that as an excuse this time!

These days, stores offer MANY alternatives the whey proteins. Personally, any plant protein I have tried, when mixed with water has a chalky, gritty, "choke it back quick and don't smell anything" effect on me.  What I can say about plant proteins, though, is that they are surprisingly easy to incorporate into foods. Smoothies, oatmeal bowls, and baked goods! 

Plant protein carries a bit of a bad rep with it, but by incorporating plant-based ingredients in your diet, there has been a link to lower heart disease risk, lower blood pressure, a decrease in your risk of cancer and assistance in weight maintenance.

Hopefully, you now have some more knowledge on what protein you should be considering for your goals. 

Lots of companies have sample size packs so you can try before you buy (big buckets). My suggestion is trying a few different brands, types and flavours to determine what tickles your taste buds but also, what works for your body. 

Be sure to read all instructions on the protein packet before consumption.

Any questions? Just ask!

Stay strong. Be the fire.